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Safe Sleep For Babies

Did you know that SIDS is the most common cause of death for babies from 1-month-old to 1 year of age? The most effective way to reduce the risk for SIDS is to place your baby on their back to sleep. Learn more about the ABC's for safe sleep.

The Health Stars innovative model has been bringing RCHSD clinicians into communities to enhance family mental/behavioral well-being by increasing positive parent child interactions and educating families about key child health behaviors via interactive learning sessions since 2017.  Evaluation findings to date indicate a promising practice and replicable model for success. With the onset of COVID-19, Health Stars rapidly converted to live, on-line sessions with topics modified to address parent concerns related to COVID-19. Parents have expressed great appreciation for these sessions and want this type of information to continue to be available.

To address the current needs of families and expand our reach, Health Stars introduced Growing Minds, a project that created clinician-lead videos to address timely topics related to child development, literacy, and family mental/behavioral health. Video content includes innovative, interactive techniques aimed at preventing behavioral health problems by focusing efforts on young children and demonstrating positive parent-child interaction and reading. To learn more about Growing Minds’ partner, RCHSD Transforming Mental Health Program (TMH), and our goal of complimenting their efforts and sharing a wide range of resources with an expanded target audience of RCHSD parents with children ages 0-8 click here.